TELAMODA is a new Innovative Affordable Luxury Brand that Combines Fashion and Fine Art Together

Telamoda is one-of -a-kind luxury fashion brand that combines the very best in luxury fashion and the latest trends in fine arts, to create customized wearable art for the customer.

TelaModa, which can be literally translated as “canvas fashion”, aims to bring fine arts and luxury fashion together to create exclusive customized wearables for clients. Prized for our team’s exquisite taste and tremendous passion,  we are committed to hiring only the most talented upcoming artists to create luxury wearable art items of clothing.

Motivated by the belief that fine art should not be necessarily limited to museums, art galleries and canvases, and that fashion need not to go for a recycling of itself every few years, We have tried to create something “bold, new, unique and beautiful”. TelaModa not only caters to customers who are tired of brands recreating the same fashion over and over again, and prefer exclusivity, but also to promising young artists, by providing a new platform to showcase their work to thousands of people daily.

Moreover, no two TelaModa pieces are ever alike. A typical example of luxury wearable art, the TelaModa handbag and accessories are thus rendered a unique and timeless investment for oneself. In addition to this, we also create customized wearables based on a client’s specifications and accept private orders. For instance, by focusing on the fine art on luxury fashion items, a jacket sent by a client will be rendered as luxury wearable art for him or her. To avail of this advantage, the client is required to send a special request on the website and choose an artist, while the visual team and the artist which features the likes of Joseph Stuller, Tom Prinsell, Yeshua Stellur, and Tarik Mendes handles the rest and doles out customized wearable’s.

Given that, like music art also brings peace and mental health to individuals, Tela Moda with its penchant for creating fine art on luxury fashion items is another step in promoting a new form of aestheticism in this century.

This project to create fine art on luxury fashion items was conceived based on our mere belief that fine art does not belong trapped on a canvas. To sum up the essence of TelaModa, it is a luxury brand creating a one of a kind wearable art while empowering exceptionally talented young artists.